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Reduce Downtime

我们的远程IT服务旨在最大限度地减少中断. 我们知道停机时间可能代价高昂且不方便. 有了我们的主动监控和快速反应, we reduce interruptions to ensure your operations continue smoothly.


Experience unmatched user-friendliness with our Remote IT Services. 你不需要等待现场技术人员. Our remote solutions grant you access to expert support right when you need it, 从你的工作空间的便利.


Effortlessly merge your existing systems with our Remote IT Services. We specialize in harmonizing diverse technologies and applications to streamline your operations, enhance efficiency, 并最大化您的IT投资的价值.


Our Remote IT Services are built for streamlined efficiency and adaptable scalability. Whether you're a growing small business or a large enterprise with intricate IT demands, our services can adjust and expand to accommodate your evolving needs. 我们为您的成功提供必要的灵活性.


At bt365全程, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data. Our remote support sessions are conducted through secure and encrypted connections, 确保您的敏感信息保密. You can trust us to maintain the highest standards of data protection for your work from home environment.


In the face of unexpected network outages or cyber threats while working from home, 每一刻都很重要. 我们的专业支持团队已准备好及时响应, 减少停机时间,减少潜在的经济损失. 有bt365全程在你身边, 你可以相信你的网络很快就会正常运行.


bt365全程则在全国各地设有实体店, 我们的远程服务提供了无与伦比的可访问性. 不管你是否在家, in the office, or traveling, you can easily tap into our expert IT assistance without the hassle of commuting. This level of access ensures that you're never far from reliable support.


Our remote support services are tailored to complement your specific work-from-home needs. We understand that the IT requirements of remote professionals vary widely. Our flexibility ensures you receive customized IT solutions precisely when you need them, 无论是故障排除, system upgrades, 或者增强你的家庭网络安全


Opting for remote support translates into significant cost savings for remote professionals. Say goodbye to travel expenses and the time spent waiting for on-site technicians. bt365全程' remote services offer top-notch IT assistance at a budget-friendly price point, 提高远程工作的效率和成本效益.



bt365全程 offers AWS services to assist institutions and government organizations in securely transitioning to the cloud, 确保高敏捷性和成本效率. With multiple years of experience on the AWS platform and deep system integration capabilities, Triton保证您的成功实施. 我们是公认的组织, trusted to deliver numerous migrations across various business and government sectors.


Our team of IT expert AWS specialists can comprehensively manage your AWS-related databases and infrastructure while handling your application deployment on the AWS platform. 使用Triton托管云服务, 你可以自信地把精力投入到你的事业中, 知道你的云服务掌握在有能力的人手中, including ensuring secure cloud computing and robust cybersecurity monitoring, 管理部署, configuration, 以及在AWS上监控应用程序的性能, 处理AWS事件管理, backup, 灾难恢复, 提供AWS账户监控和管理, including billing, and actively monitoring your cloud environment for fault recognition and rapid response to any issues.


Starting your journey to remote work or need to migrate to the cloud? 我们会帮你的. Our experts will work closely with you to create a custom plan that aligns with your specific needs. 利用我们对基于云的工具的广泛知识, we’ll seamlessly migrate your essential services and data to the cloud.


If you’re seeking data storage solutions or looking to replace your current server setup, 我们是来帮忙的. Our team will collaborate with you to identify the perfect cloud-based hosting solution, 优化空间,降低公用事业成本.

Cloud-based VoIP

Upgrade your business communication with cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions. 改善你的团队和客户之间的联系, and enjoy the flexibility of cloud-based functionality that enables your staff to use their work numbers from anywhere. 是时候加强你业务的这一重要方面了.


Our IT team specializes in customized cloud architecture to meet your remote work requirements. 我们不断监控并适应您不断变化的需求, providing comprehensive support that goes beyond traditional infrastructure management.


Protect your critical business data with bt365全程’ suite of online, 基于云的备份解决方案. Whether you need to safeguard specific data or entire server images, 我们有专业知识来确保您的数据安全. Our rapid recovery ensures minimal downtime, guaranteeing the safety and availability of your data. [Learn more here.]

Virtual Desktops

Experience the convenience of virtual desktops, designed to empower your remote workforce. 我们将重要的程序加载到云环境中, 将它们无缝地传送到员工的工作站. 云使您的团队能够从任何地方访问必要的数据, 使用他们喜欢的设备, 提高生产力和灵活性.


Gain secure access to critical information from any device, anywhere.
IT infrastructure continuously measured against specified service and performance levels.
Get scalable and competitively priced hosted phone systems designed for your business.
From find your IT needs to IT projects, get consultations from our skilled technicians.
Learn more about our complete suite of managed IT services at flat-rate costs.


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